About My Mission

My name is Charlotte Berney

I am a student at the Ethical Culture Fieldston School in New York City. Growing up, I have noticed how the anxiety of my fellow classmates has grown rampantly. Unfortunately, anxiety is rarely discussed in academic or social settings. Additionally, there is a stigma that academic and social anxiety are not real and experiences are often invalidated. I believe that it is vital to take control of a narrative that recognizes anxiety as a subject that requires attention. Experiences with anxiety are different for everyone and no one is immune to them. As someone who has experienced anxiety myself, I began this podcast to hear from specialists and understand the personal experiences of others. Before addressing the problem, we must understand it and forums like this are an effective way to do so. The more we talk about it, the more we learn, and the easier it gets for everyone.


To learn about the anxiety epidemic sweeping the nation and to make all who suffer from anxiety feel that their feelings are valid and that they should not feel alone. With each speaker, listeners will have the opportunity to learn how they can both help themselves and others around them. I hope that through this podcast, I can propel the movement that accepts anxiety as a real issue that deserves attention. Most importantly, I want to create a space where parents, students, and educators can discuss relevant issues together.